Team Exide is sponsored by: Exide Batteries and also in part by WEEU Radio, Nature's Garden - Reading, The Army & Navy Store-Reading, Wolverton’s Bike Shop-Reading.

Team Exide Batteries, formerly Nature’s Garden have been adventure racing since 1998. They compete in the Hi Tec Series along with other sprint and endurance adventure races. 

In 1998, the Nature's Garden Team won the Hi Tec Adventure Series National Championship title.  This team went on to finish in the top 5 of the elite team division each year since then, winning at least one - two races per season.  Speed, determination and pure team work drive this team toward success in racing year after year.

All three members of this team have been competing for over a decade in professional and amateur racing, including road cycling, mountain biking, road and trail running and ultra-distance running.  

Team members (from left):   Steve Kramer        Cassy Byrne        Butch Ulrich  

Butch Ulrich Is a 36 yr. old father of three from Reading, PA.
He is a sales representative for WEEU Radio and owner of Breakaway Sports.  Butch has a background in cycling and running.  He also has competed in many triathlons and long distance running, biking and multi sport events. Currently, Butch spends much of his time creating adventure races that never fail to bring people the physical pain that he so loves to endure!

Cassy Byrne Is a 35 yr. old personal trainer from Pottstown, PA.
She has a background in professional mountain biking and trail running, as Cassy was previously sponsored by Trek as well as the USA Women's Mountain Running team which has sent her to various countries to compete for the US.  Cassy dominates the regional running and mountain biking circuit for the women's division.

Steve Kramer Is a 30 yr. old teacher from Ephrata, PA.
He is currently a health and Physical Education teacher at Exeter High School, as well as the cross country and wrestling coach.  Steve has a strong background in distance running as he has completed various 100 miler events in record times.  He is a formidable presence in any running event in the area as he is consistently a top finisher in anything he does.





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