Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Weaver's Bike Shop

Time Team Division Member Member
2:59:57 MD Racing Overall Mark Yourkavitch Daryl Weaver
3:12:25 Schlitz Brothers 1st Male Dan Clume Tyler Wagner
3:17:48 Tryad Personal Training 1st Master Dan Maialetti Karl Wagner
3:19:15 F-ing Cats Male Jim Anderson Pat Hickey
3:19:49 Moonies Male Kevin Cogan Aaron Warchal
3:22:15 No Original Name Male Gary Long Bert Lange
3:22:24 Mervines Exhaust Systems Male Claude Mervine John Kirlin
3:25:50 Badgers Master Dave Scherer Marcus Brown
3:28:32 Cycle Works Male Dave Stauffer Scott Podgurski
3:33:42 "V" for Victory Male Pat Cummins Doc Vecchio 
3:34:44 Span Tech 1st Coed Jim Rayburn Michele Rayburn
3:38:44 Dynamical Coed Doug Wellons Jody Frank
3:39:14 Cobra Chi Male Mike McCarthy Deron Jester
3:41:38 Mudd Chicks 1st Female Mindy Weller Melissa Mertz
3:41:39 Avengers Masters Joe Miller Jim Dimmerling
3:54:00 Goals Ara Coed Bill Gibbons Ann Lombardi
3:54:02 Rat Pack Male Paul Dovin Tony Laino
3:55:13 As Good As I Once Was Master Steven Borkowski Christopher Dutton
3:56:14 Second Wind Master Tom Levy Mike Bieber
3:58:45 SOBOS Finest Male Ian Johnston Zach Armiger
4:03:34 D Linked Male Kyle Davis Dave Smith
4:06:01 Team Z & E  Master Rich Edwards Greg Mitstifier
4:06:09 Partners in Grime Master Barry Iorfidu Mark Murtoff
4:08:27 Serenity Coed Jill Maher Sean Maher
4:10:38 Team Fatigue Coed Jim McCaughan Megan Donlan
4:17:46 Trophy Husbands Male Dave Donahue Justin Lannan
4:17:53 Hakuna Matata Coed Ethan Gillel Meryl Gillel
4:20:01 Game On Male Mark Malay Jack Brentz
4:20:01 H3O Coed Dave Raymond Meredith Raymond
4:20:05 Bad Fish Male Marc Rizzo Chris Tidmore
4:26:04 Lost & (Never) Found Master Robert Walser Kurt Holmes
4:28:32 Team Hog Male Andrew Donaldson Dave Adams
4:28:38 TACP - NESS Male Drew Gates Chris Brooks
4:30:47 Trail Hazard Male Jim Quaglio Jason McElwee
4:36:00 RPI Male Ralph Malone Mike Wotzak
4:38:52 Bitchin Chicks Female Karyn Algeo Kristen Depue
4:42:40 LFMAC Male Evan Winick Michael Weisensee
4:46:56 French Creek Trail Crew Master Charlie Crowell Valerie Stewart
4:47:54 Two PhDs and a Map Coed Jacalyn Clawson Ross Apparis
4:48:06 Jake and the Fat Man Male Julius Magrino Jacob Merrill
4:49:08 Big Blue Male Brett Maloy Bryce Cameron
5:03:27 Fantastic Voyage Coed Matthew Stocker Holly Routzahn
5:03:28 Suburban Mayhem Male Mark Breon Keith Breon
5:03:43 Preppy and AC Male Pete Antinore Allen Abrams
5:12:07 Old Friends Die Hard Female Patti Page Carol Rossi
5:16:32 Concinnities Coed Jacqueline Hein Andrew Finkelstein
5:17:47 Evil Shananigans Coed Christine Hackett Jeff Weekes
5:29:17 The Unit Male Brent Hill Matt Brittain
5:33:34 Team Rico Coed Kathy Trainor Jonathan Heath
5:49:00 They Must Be Crazy Coed Melinda Ashcroft Jesse Ashcroft
6:22:30 Team Veintiseis Female Nicole Hiller Fran Oropeza
6:31:31 Straugen Male Jim Gensch Brian Strauser
Left 4 work Viva La Sagg Male Tony Ewing Anthony Livecchi



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