Sunday, October 14th, 2007


Weaver's Bike Shop

  TEAM NAME FINISH TIME Place DIVISION Team Member  Team Member
904 Grip and Rip 3.01.22 Overall Winners Male Jason Lantz Ben King
492 Team Scalpel 3.14.52 1st Masters Masters Bill Martin Walt Kerr
917 Shake N Bake 3.15.48 1st Male Male Greg Poruban Shad Hoover
910 Team Specialized 3.16.36 2nd Male Male Andrew Martin Daryl Weaver
901 Rat Pack 3.26.10 3rd Male Male Paul Dovin Tony Laino
923 Gravity Check 3.27.05 4th Male Male Sean Walsh Rod Glose
905 Gotta Go Again 3.32.28 5th Male Male Chris Bordlemay       Ofer Leshed
914 Rockets 3.36.36   Male Dave Scherer Marcus Brown
921 Mutiny II 3.37.02   Male Donnie Ward Jason Gradwell
35 Tryad Personal Training 3.37.39 1st Coed Coed Dan Maialetti Dorine Rominiecki
922 Out of Step 3.39.22   Male Joe Coyle Carl Scwab
494 Muddy Buddies 3.42.40 1st Coed Masters Coed Masters Diana Driscoll Cameron Bowie
911 Players With Fire 3.48.54   Male Jim Anderson Mark Wojciechowski
11 Blue Turtles 3.52.27 2nd Coed Coed Jenn Seale Ken Seale
902 Team Mutiny 3.52.40   Male Ron Gradwell Steve Drake
493 Sutliff Hummer 3.52.55   Coed Masters Donna Mummert Larry Peters
491 Doctor Wingman 3.55.17   Masters Randy Hoffman Dave Clark
903 Batman and Robin 3.58.53   Male Dan Clune Tyler Wagner
496 Teddy Bear 4.00.57 1st Female Female Mindy Weller Kristin Stroup
915 Moonies 4.02.24   Male Kevin Cogan Aaron Warchal
924 Melonheads 4.04.07   Male Tobie Wolf Brian lay
100 Dewey Cheatum 4.04.35   Masters Greg Weaber Vince Guntle
906 Late Again 4.05.26   Coed Masters Linda Schrading Eric Schrading
907 Team Fatigue 4.08.27   Male Michael Kehrle Jim McCaughan
920 Old Guys Rule 4.13.02   Male Tom Baglivo John McGee
38 Banjo Thom & The Quest for the Holy Trail 4.14.32 3rd Coed Coed Katherin Culbertson Thom Lohr
913 Hammer 4.19.28   Male Brian Ewe Kevin Donahue
909 Weenus Brothers 4.22.56   Male Mark Weller Brett Brenize
916 Chubby Turtles 4.25.02   Male Rob O'Brien Tom Scattolino
495 One Time Warriors 4.31.30   Coed Masters Jill Lewis Mike Haley
919 Laissez Faire 4.31.38   Male Clint Williams Tom Saladyga
912 Platoon Fitness 4.33.06   Male Mike Smaltz Phil Scarito
918 Cross Fit 4.35.22   Male Jim Reilly Jason Sherman
908 Flyboys 4.39.20   Male Ben Eskra Chip Hunter
39 Geronimo 4.44.10   Coed Tina Selimis Kevin Kienzle
37 Lost Together 5.00.15   Coed Jen Choundry Anthony Choudhry
497 Vicious Vixens DNF   Female Heather Cook Amber Mixell


Reading, PA